Let us give your employees the tools, resources, and solutions they need to be as productive, creative, and secure as possible when working from any location and on any device.

    Meetings and collaboration #

    1. Stay connected and in sync with coworkers and customers wherever you are via email, phone, online meetings, and IM.
    2. Get professional-looking email powered by Microsoft Exchange to facilitate collaboration to keep you in sync with your customers and coworkers, 24/7.
    3. Add audio/video conferencing to a new or existing meeting with just one click using Outlook with Microsoft Teams.
    4. Use Office 365 Groups to give your teammates access to a shared inbox, calendar, file repository, and/or notebook.

    Creating #

    1. Create, share, and coauthor Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations with coworkers.
    2. Get access to the latest version of your documents from your favorite devices, anywhere you have an internet connection. OneDrive for Business enables online and offline access and automatic syncing of files to reflect the most recent edits.
    3. SharePoint is an easy, drag-and-drop intranet for documents and files.

    Mobile productivity #

    1. Use best-in-class productivity tools so you can work across all of your favorite devices (including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).
    2. Use OneDrive for Business to create, access, and edit your documents whenever you need them.

    No security risk #

    1. Centralize control of your company data on personal devices.
    2. Reduce your risk profile with security features for SMB customers.
    3. Apply a consistent security configuration profile across managed devices.
    4. Establish a baseline of security policies across managed devices.
    5. Configure devices consistently to help ensure that your data and devices are protected from malware and external threats.

    Our team is ready to help #

    1. Sr. Solution Architect
    2. Cloud Engineer
    3. Project Manager
    4. Infrastructure Engineer

    We would like to have a conversation with you about how your organization can use Office 365 to enable your digital transformation to working from home (WFH) and elsewhere.

    Related services

    Apply IRM protection to email

    Information rights management is a technology that allows you to limit the transfer, copying, printing, and other unauthorized actions on data by prohibiting them in protected documents and email messages. This allows you to avoid unauthorized access to messages that have confidential data, both in case of accidental information leak to third parties and intentional information disclosure attempts.