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Office 365 Break/Fix Support (included for free with any O365 plan)

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  • Duration: recurring;
  • Price: Free or $2 per user per month ($75 min);

Within this service, we combine the best of both sides: Microsoft, as a vendor, provides managed support with a fee for the services they sell through us, IT partner. And we (IT partner) provide a free Break / Fix support service to pre-solve any problems that Microsoft did not solve early.

  1. IT Partner responsibilities
  2. Client responsibilities
  3. Additional cost items not provided by the project

What is Break/Fix?

Break/fix is a method of providing IT support to customers. With this model, the client asks for support from his service provider when some problems arise, and the service provider solves these issues with a fee for time or other resources spent.

But we are also ready to offer this kind of support for free if the client purchases Microsoft subscriptions with our help, as a partner.

Break/Fix vs. managed services

Break/fix is different from managed services – a model in which a company that provides IT services takes responsibility for customer IT systems, providing monitoring, management, and continuity of services.

In case of the Break/fix model, the IT company is involved in resolving issues only if the client needs support, what he must inform about.

MSP takes a proactive approach to prevent the manifestation of the problem.

Within this service, IT Partner will help in solving such questions as:

  1. Resolving issues related to Office 365 services in case of malfunction or incorrect work
  2. Help with security issues, when compromising of accounts or any other threat occurred.
  3. Recovery of deleted information
  4. Assistance in resolving financial issues with Microsoft in case of service downtime – documenting and sending requests.
  5. Solving problems with email, rules, spam, and others
  6. Escalating issues to Microsoft Support and much more

IT Partner responsibilities

  1. Reception of tickets by mail or from the service desk system
  2. Remote connection to user devices, if necessary
  3. Staff assistance, advice and solving user problems
  4. Escalation of issues to Microsoft support, if needed

Client responsibilities

  1. On-site support and presence of a specialist
  2. Solving equipment problems
  3. Support for systems other than Microsoft Office365\Azure

Additional cost items not provided by the project

  1. Resolving issues not related to Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure cloud services
  2. Implementation (planning, configuration and other types of work) of new functionality or new products.
  3. Solving hardware problems

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