Setting up the automated onboarding process for new employees in your organization with approvals and email notifications.

    We will develop a solution that will greatly simplify the process of onboarding new employees in your organization and delegate that process to authorized users without giving them Office 365 global administrator rights.

    A sample scenario:

    • John, an employee in the HR department who wants to create a new user account, goes to a specific page on the SharePoint Online Site and fills out the form, providing all the necessary information.
    • John also indicates his supervisor who needs to approve the request to create a new user account.
    • John submits the form and his supervisor receives an email with information about the request and buttons to approve or reject it.
    • Once the request gets approved, John receives an email with the login and password for the new account, which he will provide to the new user.

    IT Partner responsibilities #

    1. Create and configure account request form elements with standard parameters
    2. Set up common approval process
    3. The common approval process is waiting for approval from the supervisor that is specified in the form and included in the list of users with approval permission
    4. Create instruction for users
    5. Post-implementation break/fix support for one month after project closure

    Client responsibilities #

    1. Coordinate Client resources and staff schedules
    2. Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner
    3. Provide all the necessary information to organize the process
    4. Review and approve engagement deliverables in a timely manner

    Additional cost items not provided by the project #

    1. Additional fields and process conditions can be customized

    Prerequisites #

    • You must have global admin level access to the Office 365 tenant
    • You must have SharePoint Online service
    • Your organization must use Azure AD service

    Plan #

    The plan may vary depending on your needs.

    1. Kickoff meeting
    2. Gathering necessary information
    3. Creating the form and approval process
    4. Verification
    5. Project closing

    Success Criteria #

    Employees can fill out the account request form with necessary data and get new user credentials after supervisor approval.

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