Get all the help you need choosing and buying Microsoft Volume Licensing products for your business. Our experienced consultants will work with you to understand your goals, your situation, and requirements to help find the right licensing solution for your needs at the best price. We have the software and services you want, whether you're a student looking for the best deal on Microsoft Office or a large business in need of a managed services provider.

    The service provides a consulting assessment to help you choose the right licensing program. Microsoft volume licensing is an easy and affordable way to run Microsoft software across multiple computers and use Online Services across multiple users within an organization.

    We will help you: #

    • source the correct product, volume licensing program, and price level
    • track renewals and license entitlements with our IT Asset Management service
    • monitor tier pricing adjustments
    • and much more!

    Our objective is to help you get the maximum value out of your software investment while staying compliant and ready for audits.

    Helpful resources #

    1. Microsoft License Advisor
    2. Find out if Microsoft Financing can help you
    3. Software Assurance overview
    4. How to Choose the Right Volume License Key for Windows

    Prerequisites #

    • At least one legal business entity
    • Intent to purchase at least five (5) products
    • Understanding

    Plan #

    1. Contact us
    2. Explain your needs via email, phone call, or chat, and answer our questions
    3. Review our proposal and/or quote(s)
    4. Make any changes or adjustments
    5. Get invoiced and pay invoice (financing is available)
    6. Receive the order
    7. Install the software and activate licenses, if needed

    Results #

    • A properly licensed infrastructure
    • Maximum value from your software investment

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