Service to monitor and maintain the backup process and test-restore the protected data from time to time to check if everything is satisfactory.

    Maintaining a backup and recovery solution is often less of a priority than production issues, especially if your plant lacks technical skills and/or time to implement an effective solution. But when a critical data failure occurs, the value of a disaster recovery investment pays dividends.

    This service helps check backup and recovery status and assess the strategy used to ensure your company can carry on its functions to a substantial degree in the face of a major adverse event. It is not possible to do this without a strong recovery workflow that lays out the process of restoring information system functions to a degree that allows your company to carry out its operations at an acceptable level within an agreed upon timeframe.

    Please note that if you need to create and deploy backup services, we have another applicable service.

    Our objective is to create the workflow for periodic tests of your backup and recovery process.

    This project will be considered successful when your backup and recovery work without any issues.

    IT Partner responsibilities #

    • Set up monitoring using appropriate tools so the client gets an e-mail or alert through a pager or cell phone for any failed backups, which should be rerun as soon as possible
    • Review backup logs and backup catalog information periodically for any issues
    • Remove backups that are outside the organization's retention policy
    • Validate and verify backups without doing actual restores
    • Backup restoration testing
    • Check how IT staff will assist business units with the information, communication, and technology aspects of their disaster recovery plans

    Client responsibilities #

    • Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner and coordinate any outside vendor resources and schedules, if needed
    • Configure all networking equipment, such as load balancers, routers, firewalls, and switches
    • Provide access to physical and virtual servers and/or systems and services, as needed. Provide remote and/or physical access to facility and systems required to complete the work

    Outside the scope of this project (additional cost items) #

    • Creating a backup plan
    • Training for customer team(s)
    • Software updates and settings

    Upon completion of this project, we will provide a project closeout report. This document will indicate the final project status, including evidence of meeting acceptance criteria, outstanding issues (if any), and the final budget. If you require more extensive documentation, this can be provided for an additional fee.

    Plan #

    The plan may vary depending on your needs.

    1. Kickoff meeting
    2. Figuring out a backup and recovery plan
    3. Check stored copies
    4. Attempt recovery
    5. Verify and fix issues, if any

    Results #

    You backup will be protected and you will be confident that if something happens, you have a valid copy of your data.

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