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    Migrate to the Cloud


    Why cloud?

    To be honest, this is not a question in 2021 COVID19-world, but:

    Before cloud computing, companies had to store all their data and host their IT-services (like email-server) on their own hard drives and servers. This way of treating data is not scalable at speed fast and lack sustainability. Business could lose all the data in a moment. Today, cloud technology means that companies scale and adapt at speed and scale, drive business agility, and reduce costs.

    The cloud has transformed our lives as individuals as well. Many of us use cloud services every day. When we update our status on social media, binge a new streaming series, or check our bank accounts we're most likely using applications that are hosted by cloud services.

    Why Microsoft?

    Of the Fortune 500 companies, 95 percent rely on Azure for trusted cloud services.

    AWS is five times more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server (proof).

    Last 30 years Microsoft has had the best-in-class on-premises mail and office solutions; the cloud is just the next step.

    Huge experience and tech portfolio for all kinds of business, government, EDU and non-profit companies

    In October 2015 Microsoft’s stocks has $52 now it’s more than $200. The market sees the future.

    Why IT Partner?

    We were and we are in the forefront of cloud and digital transformation; IT Partner was Microsoft Cloud early adopters and had migrated our firsts customers 10 years ago!

    20% of your invoice we reinvest on your business; We provide free support for cloud subscription and digital workshops to your staff and reinvest approx. 20% of your payments back.

    Microsoft Gold Partner since 2006. Deep partner relationships with Microsoft: our engineers certified by Microsoft, we have best practices and all knowledge base from the biggest vendor.

    Flexibility and ease of decision making. We aren’t a big Corp, we move fast.


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