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Timeline: Volume Licensing Order


This is what happens and how long each step takes when you place an order for Microsoft licenses in a Volume Licensing channel. Steps may vary slightly for different licensing programs. We use the most popular Open Business program for this timeline.

  • 1

    Client contacts an IT Partner and requests a quote for particular licenses from a few minutes to a few hours

  • 2

    IT Partner prepares a Quote for the Client (or client gets the quote via our website). from a few minutes to a few hours

  • 3

    Client approves the Quote from a few minutes to a few hours

  • 4

    IT Partner converts a Quote in to the Invoice from a few minutes to a few hours

  • 5

    Client approves the Invoice and makes a payment from a few minutes to a few hours

  • 6

    IT Partner receives the payment and places an order with Microsoft between one and two business days (Academic or Non-profit orders may take longer to process by Microsoft

  • 7

    Client receives an email from IT Partner or from Tech Data (an official Microsoft distributor) with a digital license containing license number and authorization number

  • 8

    Client receives an email from Microsoft with invitation to register with the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Center website (VLSC).

  • 9

    Client accesses the VLSC and creates a profile and accesses the installation files and activation keys. If Client used a different email address to register with VLSC then it make take up to 48 hours to add the purchased license to the Client’s profile using the License number and Authorization number which was sent via email from Microsoft.

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